The Infinity Myth

by Attaboy102

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I've had a lot on my mind lately. This is addressed to no one but my anxiety. May impartial love find each and everyone.


i wonder if my presence disrespects the game, i'm shooting for change
you're still aiming the same. red rider out on the range
i'm still pulling that lone wolf shit like i used to when i was a kid
anxious, just looking for someone to blame
confidence, psh, yeah, i got it in spades, but i'm still self conscious and super lame
can't speak up to save my name, braniac for days, still landing those grades,
an aging delinquent, i don't play well with others when i get dragged up on stage

it's like i'm harnessing something that most would consider great, and all i know
is it keeps me up late having sex with my hate, turmoil, trauma, i've taken them all on a date
and the only one i never called back was that bitch 'how to be fake'
A liar is a liar is a puppeteer for hire, a little extinguisher with it's dick on fire, go blow yourself
i'd rather sprout from the trash than whither on a shelf, i inspect myself, and though the pages are in no particular order the story respects itself

love. yes. i know what i'm talking about, it's a bullet proof vest that keeps the demons out. I've seen it. I know that it exists, it's a priority on my list
i feel it in my guts, it twists breeding peace instead of fists
i fucking wish i could flip it on like a switch, but the reality is that the switch already exists and I'm pissed because failure is not an option at this juncture
so i go lunging at the abyss, jabbing the sign of the cross where the acupuncture

god is not dude in a chair with a face, it's an equation in every place
poetry in notion, the idea that is grace, revolution at an imminent pace
it's what puts a bit of consciousness in your space, your blue dot, that home base
some people go to bed on time, some people choose to freebase, but one thing
we have in common is we all end up at the same place
in the meantime we act polite in order to save face
while the choas runs rampant, stealing our days at amazing rates

you wonder why i like to sleep on it? i keep it down
because some people might not want me walking around
mouthin of at the noise for the sake of making a sound
on the days i decide to get loud it echos off the clouds, i'm on the rebound
gimme trees for infinity, seas of serenity, and i'll kick my fucking shoes off
in the beast mode i call the best of me, i'll vanish into the sticks without
shackles on my wrists, unchained a cut amongst the rest alive at my own behest

born into techno-slavery, hatred and depravity, going against the grain is the only human way to be as far as i can see. trust, if you were me
you'd be crazy since not asking people for help is just lazy. just maybe, if you memorize this saying it might save you in the long run baby
"not speaking your mind is fucking shady." The sheppard butchers his flock when he pulls the sword from the rock, but people gotta eat through
the petty talk so get your fill when you fucking slay me. If that's all i really am, then I don't wanna be the man because quite frankly he can't handle
my attention span. my mind has wonder off in hopes to cure its cough and you're caught in the cross fire just wishing it would stop
oh, make it stop.


released September 15, 2012
Written, memorized and performed by Attaboy




Attaboy102 Syracuse, New York

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